Factors to Consider When Choosing a Flat Iron


Looking great doesn’t come easy and it requires us doing various things to ensure that we stay stylish.  Hair is a great contributor to a person’s looks and so much can be done to it to ensure that a person looks good.  One of those things is styling it with a flat iron.  It is a great style that is favored by many people nowadays and flat irons do us a lot of good.

However, some flat irons might not work on your hair type perfectly.  One thing you can consider before buying a flat iron is seeking recommendations from your friends.  Ask them what kind of flat iron they use and check its features.  Or, you can seek advice from hair experts and even try your hair on different flat irons in a number of salons to choose the best one for you.  Ensure you critically look into the following features:

Temperature control

Flat Iron Queen come in two types in regard to temperature; fixed and variable.  Temperature control is important to ensure that you use the appropriate amount of heat on various sections of your hair or at different timings in the straightening process.  People with thin or light hair should avoid the fixed temperature because the heat might be overpowering for their hair type.  There is no danger in people with kinky hair using the fixed temperature flat irons.  Those individuals whose hair texture is moderately light can use either, but should incline towards temperature control more.

The technology it uses

The pioneer Flat Iron Queen were made of aluminum but have been developed to include the use of ceramic and ion technology to enhance their functionality.  They also use other technologies like nano-titanium, nano-silver, nano-tourmaline to diversify their results.  Each material makes a difference in its own way.

The ceramic element in a flat iron makes it produce silky and straight results.  Nano-titanium conducts heat very well and straightens hair faster.  The nano-silver element in a flat iron makes it eliminate bacteria on the appliance, making it germ-free.  Nano-tourmaline is ideal for smoothening hair.  Therefore, the ideal flat iron for you depends on your hair type and styling needs.

Size of the plate

The type of flat iron you choose should be conducive for your hair length to ensure you enjoy using it.  Not all flat irons are availed in different plate sizes.

Can you curl your hair with it?

Make sure that the flat iron can create curls.  Conversely, it is important to that the quality of curls produced by a flat iron is dependent on a user, not the appliance, hence you should polish your curling skills. To know more ideas on how to choose the best flat iron, go to https://www.ehow.com/how_6947142_shape-wrought-iron.html.


This is important to guarantee value for your money.  Buy a flat iron whose warranty exceeds one year, particularly if you will be using it a lot.


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